How to edit hair colour.

2 reasons why I wanted to remove the yellow from the hair colour.

  1. That was not her hair colour , there was a colour shift that happened somewhere.
  2. The cooler tones in this image removing the yellow just appealed more to my eye.

So how to remove – edit hair colour.

For this situation I used colour range and a hue saturation adjustment layer.

  1. Colour range is found under the select menu option.
  2. Using the eye dropper tool with the + select the area of the hair that you would like to adjust. Use the sliders to make adjustments. The white area of the image is the selected area and any adjustments will only impact on those areas.
  3. Click ok when happy. It doesn’t have to be perfect you can make adjustments later.
  4. In adjustments select hue – saturation.
  5. You will see marching ants around the areas selected. In the layers panel on the hue saturation adjustment layer will be a mask.
  6. To show the mask overlay on your image use the \ key. With a black brush. Black hides white reveals. Brush over the areas that you don’t want the adjustments to impact on. Use a white brush to brush over areas in this case the hair to reveal the adjustments.
  7. For this image I wanted to remove the yellow so from the drop down I selected yellow and decreased the saturation.

This is a very simple technique to selecting and masking areas that you wish to edit. This technique can be used to select and remove skin tone issues such as jaundice for newborns.

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