3 Techniques to remove peach fuzz. Beauty Image editing.

To remove facial hair in beauty images it is entirely up to you and or what the client wants. In this video I show 3 techniques that I use. I’m sure these will develop or change completely. But they are good starting points.

1st Technique.

Create 2 blank layers.

Change the blending mode to darken on one a layer and lighten on the other layer.

Select the clone stamp tool and depending on the hair on the face. If the hair is light along the jaw line make a selection and clone over that hair on the darken layer . And if it is dark work on the lighten layer.

Then on the face use the healing brush tool to remove the facial hair.

2nd Technique

On a new blank layer with a normal blending mode. Use the healing brush tool as well as the clone stamp tool. Change the blending modes of the tools to darken and lighten. Darken to edit/remove light hair and Lighten if the hair is darker than the skin tone.

3rd Technique

Frequency Separation using Median.

Using a clone stamp tool and working on the high frequency layer. You can change the blending mode to darken and with a small brush and flow remove the hair.

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