The first time Amie has modeled in front of studio lights and the first time I tried used a gobo and gels. It took me a while to drag out all the canvas backdrops and hang them then to set up the modifers on the lights. But worth all the swearing and an incident with a large spider that took a flying leap at me.

The gobo was a black foam core sheet that I cut random holes in. As the studio has low ceilings I then clamp that to a extendable curtain rod pole.

Elinchrom bx 500 ri Monolight, bare bulb with a silver reflector. With three Rosco beauty gels layered over top. 433 Double Ivory, NCW6 Warm Accent and 430 Warm Ivory.

The two canvas backdrops one that I had painted and the other from Sideshow Backdrops have different tones but the gels added the warmth over them to create similar tones.

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