What I call colour shifts?


In the image that I am editing for this video I call a colour shift the red/yellow in the hair and the red either from the earrings or the shirt reflecting in the jacket.

Even though I shoot in Kelvin and have white balance where I want it to be when I shoot sometimes adjustments need to be made. So what are my go to in fixing issues like the 2 in this video.

  • Select – and using Color Range to target the areas that need adjusting
  • Hue Saturation Adjustment layer and de-saturate the area.
  • For smaller areas, I use a new blank layer change the blend mode to colour. Select the brush with a 6% flow sample the correct color and brush over the area that needs adjusting.

Colour Range and Hue Saturation Adjustment Layer.

I find this approach works really well with editing hair colour. As the selection can be quite accurate and as you are working on a mask layer you can then use a black brush to ensure the areas that you don’t want to adjust will not be impacted.

Great for also changing a background colour.

The Colour Layer.

As mentioned above the colour layer is a blank layer and the blend mode has been changed to colour.

I would rate this as one of the best little editing techniques I use. For smaller colour shifts.

  • Whiten teeth
  • Tone down the darker blue veins on hands.
  • Enhancing eye shadow.
  • Removing a colour shift over a smaller area.
  • Fixing a lipstick smudge.

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