I am genuinely hesitant with updates. Mainly because the Toolkits I use take a little while to overcome some issues with new updates. In saying that no issues this time. I don’t normally use Adobe Camera Raw. Most of my processing before import a photo into Photoshop is done in Capture One. With all that been said I just stumble across the healing tools in Camera Raw and decided to see how they would go on editing a newborn image. In this image I to remove a leg of a light stand, the photographers feet and extend the backdrop. I was some what shocked at the results. So I tried it on the second photo which was removing a a light modifier in the corner of the image.

Would I use these healing options in my editing. YES!

BUT, I would still open the photo in Photoshop then open the image up by using a smart filter so I have the option of adjusting back in Photoshop on a layer.

Let me know if you have tried using the healing tools.

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