At the end of the shoot we always try a new lipstick shade.  Starting with neutral tones first then working our way to the reds. Occasionally the red moves on to the skin especially when working with gloss.

The makeup artist has their tricks to remove it and these are two methods that I use to remove the residual red around the lips.

I use these two methods as I am less likely to impact on the skin texture.

Method 1

Create a new blank layer in Photoshop.  Change the blending mode to colour. Select the brush and change the flow to 6%.  On the image sample near the red to get a similar skin tone colour and start brushing over the red.

Method 2

If you know you are going to be editing using Frequency Separation .  Select the low frequency layer and add a new blank layer above it .  Select the brush tool at 6% flow. Sample a skin tone colour closest to the red that you wish to remove and start painting over the red.  If you see you need to add a bit of texture back to that area then on the high frequency layer heal in some texture.

Both methods can be used to edit eyeshadow.

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