Part 1 and Part 2 Beauty Image Edit.

Test shoots, photographers and makeup artists when working with new equipment or new products will do test shoots. The images from this test shoot certainly provided us with a lot of “nope” this isn’t working moments.  Learning from mistakes and improving our skills.

On this shoot we found that the foundation under these lighting conditions and for beauty images just did not work.  And we would have been better off not using any foundation at all.  And that is why we do test shoots.  So now it is up to me to do the edit. This is part 1 of the editing process. Working on a new blank layer. No I do not duplicated the background layer as it doubles the file size.  No one needs that file size and my computer thanks me for that.  Using the healing brush and you may notice because of the eye shadow fall off I change the blending mode to lighten and start removing the eye shadow fall off.  This edit was 15 mins in total.  I still have the other half of her face to edit. The next video will be that as well as working on removing some colour issues due to the foundation issues we came across.

Part 2

Within this video I continue editing on a blank layer using the healing brush tool.  Removing the hair around the eye will require using Frequency Separation.

There are a few colour issues I need to fix.  A quick approach is creating a new blank layer and changing the blending mode to colour and using the brush at 6% flow. Take a sample of the colour you like closest to the area you wish to change and brush over that area.

But to remove the red colour saturation within the eyebrows I’ve decided to use Hue Saturation adjustment layer.

Step 1. Make a new hue saturation adjustment layer.

Step 2. To remove reds select the opposite to red which is cyan.

Step3.  With the hand selected click on the area you wish to adjust. You will notice that cyan has changed to red.

Step 4.  Move the hue and saturation slider to 100

Step 5.  Now it’s time to move the bottom slider until you see green and yellow over the area you wish to adjust.

Step 6. Move the hue and sat sliders back till you see the red disappear and the skin tones start to match.

Step 7.  Command I to invert the mask.  With a white brush, brush over the area you wish to adjust.  Adjust the flow of the brush if need be.

This technique is quite useful for times like these.


TIP – This technique can be used to whiten teeth

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