Editing skin using the healing brush.

Why changing the blending mode helps in achieving a cleaner final image.

I pretty much start editing all images with a new blank layer and use the healing brush tool.  After  a quick assessment of the image I will determine if I need to change the blending modes of the brush to darken and lighten.  In the video I explain why I do this. Essentially if I have a spot on the skin that is, say for example a piece of glitter that drops from the eye shadow, to remove that I select a sample of skin that is close the glitter with the blending brush mode on darken.  I click over that area and Photoshop will calculate which pixels need to change.  It will select those bright pixels and match them to the existing pixels in that selected area.  This approach I’ve found is less destructive to the skin texture. 


Beauty Image Nina K Photography

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