How to use the curves adjustment layer to colour match.

With this image in the video, my eye was drawn to the brightest part of the lip. As with Photoshop, there is a multitude of ways to achieve the desired result.  For this image, I decided to use the combination of the eyedropper tool, the information panel and the curves adjustment layer.

There are a few little things I did not mention in the video.  By using the command shift keys when making the selection on the part of the lip that I want to adjust. I’ve selected the Red, Green and Blue channel points on the graph.  You will notice that the red point sits higher in the highlights and the blue point is a bit higher than the mid-tone. If I selected just the one point in RGB I would get a different result due to the difference in luminosity.

This technique can be used to colour match lipstick that has rubbed off on the inner part of the lip, eye shadow and clothing discolouration.

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