How to remove yellow and reds out of skin tones.

I started my photography journey as a newborn, family photographer.  Editing newborn skin always varies and is dependent on the parents’ wishes.  A baby could arrive with yellow skin tones due to jaundice. Or red blotchy skin. Milk pimples or a few little scratches on their face. Over the years I have purchased, like we all do, many actions and methods to remove the yellow and red out of skin tones. Some never worked and many left the babies skin looking grey.  So today I decided to sit down with my knowledge that I have now and put together a few actions for myself that speed up my work flow in removing yellow and red out of skin tones.

An action is there to speed up workflow. Yet I don’t think I have ever come across an action where at the end I feel I am set up to continue working quickly on the image.  For example, if the dialog box appears at the end of the action, stating “you can brush back with a soft white brush to bring back some reds.” You have to select a brush then change its size and make sure your foreground colour is selected to white.  Well, I was not missing these steps in mine.  So, after the action has worked its magic, the correct brush is already chosen if the foreground colour needs to be white or black it is chosen and I have even resized the brush so it is smaller to brush back over the baby’s lips for example.  Now I have the correct tools selected and ready to go to make adjustments.  It’s these little things that make for a faster workflow and turn around in images.  If you are interested in trialling these actions for me leave a message and I can send them through. 

 How I remove yellow or red colour saturation’s in my skin tones is by using the hue saturation adjustment layers. To remove yellow or red from skin tones  using the hue saturation adjustment layer.  Click on the hand in the hue saturation properties panel. 

Select a part of the skin with the eyedropper.  Yellow in the drop-down box will be selected. 

Move the hue and saturation sliders all the way across to the right.

Next, move the final slider underneath the eye droppers and colourise. Click on the grey area and drag the slider to the left or to the right.

When you see that most of the area’s that you believe contains the yellow to be covered in a fluro green blue.  Then move the hue and saturation layers to the left till you see the yellow start to disappear. The same process applies to removing red. Change opacity and brush over areas you feel do not need this.  In beauty work you can use a saturation layer first to examine saturation levels in the skin tones.  Over time you will develop an eye.

remove yellow and red in skin tones Original
e yellow and red in skin tones Modified
remove yellow and red in skin tones Original
remove yellow and red in skin tones Modified

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