how to record an action

How to record an action in Photoshop to create a new blank layer to edit an image using the healing tool.

Let’s stop the duplication of the background layer NOW!

Why because it doubles your file size and with cameras these days no one wants to do that.

This is a non-destructive hard drive storage-saving approach to editing.

And if that is what you are looking for then you have come to the right place.

2 Reasons to use a new blank layer.

  1. You can erase the mistake.
  2. On this layer you can use the healing brush, clone tool as well as the patch tool to edit the image.
Healing brush image photoshop

1st Step.

Create a healing tool preset.

In the tool bar select the healing tool. On the top bar make sure the Sample is Current and Below. This means your are sampling the pixels on this layer and the layer below.

Tool Settings.

Mine are set to


And spacing 25.

Save the settings.

By clicking on the square box with the + in the middle. Name your tool preset.

Now to record the action.

In the actions panel. Create new Action.

Name the action and start recording. But first make sure you do not have the healing tool selected in the tools panel.

Create a new blank layer.

Name the layer healing layer.

Right click on the eye and select a colour to add a colour to the layer.

Select the Healing tool , then the healing tool you previously created. And hit stop.

So why create this action with the healing tool included. It saves time. You are not stopping and starting selecting the tools. Of course you will need to change the size as you go but its a great starting point.

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