Enhancing eyes but still making them look natural.

That time old saying “I’ve always done it this way.”  I certainly don’t abide by.  I previously created an Eye Pop Action.  Included in that action was a step where I could change the iris colour. Now I never used it, and for those that use actions on a frequent basis in Photoshop know if the action stops at a step that you don’t use and you have to press play to continue it becomes annoying.  So it was time to record a new action and add a few more steps in.


Photographers are very quick to buy new actions and can be cautious about recording their own or simply don’t have the time.  So this post I will show you how to record your own eye enhance action that is totally adjustable.



In the actions panel .  Create a new action by clicking on the + sign.

Give the action a name.

Click the record button.

On the bottom of the layers panel, click on the group folder.  Name the group I’ve called my Eye Enhance 2. 

Now its time to add the first layer. 

New layer and change the blending mode to soft light. Add a mask . And name the layer 

To lighten iris brush use a white brush.



To create a stamp visible layer. Shift alt command e. 

In the actions panel click on the hamburger on the right and select Insert Menu Item.  From the top menu

Select filter – Other- High pass filter

Click ok in the dialogue box.

Change the blending mode to soft light.
Add a mask and invert the mask.  To invert a mask command I or as you click the mask hold the alt key.

Name that layer Eye Pop.  With a white brush you paint on the black mask to sharpen areas of the eye that you wish to bring more detail out.  Such as the iris and the eyelashes.

Now it is time to add another group. 

Name that group Clean eye whites.

The first layer in that group is an Channel Mixer adjustment layer. 

Tick Monochrome

Reds are 62

Green 67

Blue 57.

Change the blending mode of that layer to screen.

 The next layer is a Hue Saturation layer.  Select Reds from the drop down panel.

Hue 19

Saturation 55

Lightness 50


To select the clean eye whites group.  It is important to not just click that layer whilst recording instead alt ].  Add an inverted mask like before .

And the final step is to select the brush tool and a brush you have saved in the brush presets.  I have a white brush saved at 10% flow that I’ve selected.  Now stop recording the action.

Delete the Eye Enhance folder from layers panel and press play on your action to test it.

The high pass filter dialogue box will pop up. I move the slider to a spot where I see a bit of colour appear in the preview.  Click ok.  And now its time to edit.  As the white brush is already included.  Start brushing over the eye whites change the opacity of that layer if it is too white and remember to keep shadows in the corners of the eyes. 

On the eye pop layer with that same brush as I mentioned above brush on the black mask to bring out detail in the eye.  And the final layer on the layer and not the mask still with that same brush brush over the iris to add light into the eye.  All these layers opacity can be adjusted.

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