How to create a landing page for your Instagram Bio.

In the past, I was spending a lot of time and energy creating content for Instagram and not linking it back to my website.  At the end of 2019, I decided to change this workflow, create content for my website then adjust it for other social platforms.  With less than  10000 followers on Instagram, the swipe up option is not available.  So like many before me I used Linktree for about 3 months, I was finding this was not for me. So after a quick Google, it became apparent I should have just created my own landing page.  For 3 reasons.

  1. I was finding the links were often down or broken.
  2. Seo and Analytic’s combined. I was finding it difficult to track the conversions. And referring back to my goal, in the beginning, I wanted more viewers on my website.  Every time someone clicked on the link it was boosting Linktree website ranking and not mine.
  3. I was spending money on a service that was not a fit for me.

So what kind of landing page did I need to design?

  1. A landing page that was mobile optimized.
  2. Stay on brand. Honestly, it does not differ that much to the home page of my website. 
  3. The links update as I update my website and contain what I want people to see from that platform.

The how to.

Simple create a new page on your website.  I use Elementor as a page builder. When creating the page I switched the responsive mode/view to mobile.  As majority of viewer will be looking at the content on a mobile.

Name that page that relates I just used Instagram. 

Included on that page my latest blog posts, new items I’ve added to the shop and a newsletter sign up form. 

Then copy that link and add to your Instagram bio.






screenshot of landing page for instagram

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