Free Healing Action with Healing clone brush included.

Following on from my previous post. My first step in skin editing .

I thought I would share my healing layer action including the healing brush.  I’ve found these have been the best settings to use with the Wacom tablet. 

For some reason photographers feel the need to purchase actions/ presets.  What I’ve found is that many don’t contain a crucial element the brush or tool that is needed.  So with all the actions that I create I include the brush/tool needed. So I don’t have to stop and select it.  It’s all about SAVING TIME.

How to save tool presets.

Hands up if you have opened up Photoshop only to find all your actions and tools/brushes mysteriously disappear.  It certainly pays to save them on external hard drive.

How to save a Photoshop tool.

Edit select Presets,  Preset Manager.

Select Tools in the Preset type drop down menu.

Select the tools you wish to save and Save Set.

To import then into Photoshop simply drag the saved files into Photoshop.

Free healing action with Healing Clone Brush Included.

preset image
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