Fix flyaway hair action.

Removing flyaway hair can be a tedious task.  With this action, non-destructive layers are created, brushes are automatically selected for you to work quickly in removing flyaway hair. 

This action can be used at any stage of your workflow.

Removing stray hairs can be a tedious task.  The flyaway hair action will minimise the time spent on removing each individual strand.

Please refer to the instructions before using this action for the first time.

The action requires the brush that is included with the purchase to be installed as well.  To install the action to photoshop simple drag the .atn file into the Photoshop window,

  • COMPATIBLE WITH ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CC 2018 and above. These actions are NOT compatible with Photoshop Elements.
  • As this is a digital product refunds are NOT available.

This action can be run at any stage of your workflow.

This action the will automatically select the subject. To make adjustments the action will stop.  To view the mask select the quick mask mode in the tools bar or Q. Brush over the areas on the mask that you wish to change.  Before continuing press Q to release the mask.

To continue hit play again and the camera raw filter will open. 

Select the fx tab.

This is where you add grain to the image.

Between 5-10 for Amount, Size and Roughness is a great place to start.

Click ok to continue.

To remove flyaway’s the simply start brushing the brush is already selected for you.

To install the brush that is supplied with the action  You can either drag the .ABR file directly into your Photoshop window, or you can go under Edit > Presets > Preset Manager, select Brushes from the dropdown menu, and then add your brushes using the “Load” button.

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