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All ready for the Summer Party Season.


After working solidly for a year now putting shoots together , it has become quite clear our models ( who by the way are not working professional models) in fact have never had photo shoots before and never modeled either.  Have to have great skin especially when the concepts and lighting involves harsh light. So with the help of Lisa at Lumiere Beauty Clinique we found the gorgeous Jennifer .  Jennifer has flawless skin, perfect for the look.   Renee and I pictured when we put our story board together. Plus with a major WOW factor freckles. So we decided minimum foundation in fact Renee only used Napoleon Off Duty Tinted Moisturizer



And from these wonderful before photos we could see Jennifer looks amazing with a bright red lip.


Nina K Photography


Jenninfer ninakphotgraphy





ninakphotography Jen




There  was quite a few lighting combinations that we attempted for this shoot.  Again my favourite set up the Jinbei light with the photek softlighter and a foam core board as fill.  And for the harsh light Elinchrom dlite 2x with a grid pointed straight at and a bit higher than Jennifer.  We really wanted harsh light to bring out the sparkle in the eye shadow.

Jennifer has now left Gladstone and I’m personally not happy about this.  I have put Jen on notice when she knows she is returning I need notice so we can plan another shoot.  An absolute gem.









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