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5 reasons why outsourcing your editing makes sense.

  1.  Allow’s you to have more time to grow your business.
  2.  No more editing to 2am to meet a deadline.
  3. With a regular turn around  time you can book in person sales in advance.
  4. More time to spend doing what you love.
  5. Editing newborn skin is tough. Blues, around the mouth, red skin, rashes, extreme yellows.


10 years ago I started my photography business photographing families and newborns. Styles and poses may have changed  however one thing remains the same, editing newborn skin tones can be difficult.

The decision to outsource your work can be a little daunting and I understand the apprehension some have in regards to maintaining a signature style/look to images.  I recommend a clean edit.

Alternatively, you have made the decision to outsource on a regular basis.  We work together to develop a workflow that I use to produce polished images delivered and ready to show to your clients.  With a schedule turnaround time now more worrying about deadlines.  

Whats included in a clean edit:

Skin clean – Removal of blemishes, scratches and any distractions.

Blanket tidy – Removal of creases, even out tonal range.  Basic extensions.

Even skin tones – Newborn skin varies, there can be blue around the mouth if the baby has wind, red skin tones, yellow skin tones and with some pose’s purple blue circulation skin tones. 


 I need to see  raw samples first  before I can supply a quote.


Wetransfer, From Smash or  Sync.com. Please email the link to admin@ninakphotography.com when the upload is complete.

Time spent editing.  There are so many variables involved.   

  • full resolution images for the quote.
  • total number of images.
  • deadline.
  • mood board /inspiration if colour grading  is required.
  • As much information as possible

Ultimately the goal is to provide your client with beautiful images and increase your sales.

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