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A day at Tannum with Stephanie

The goal of this shoot was to create as many looks as we could possibly do  in one location. Using a combination of Stephanie’s own wardrobe and some accessories of mine.  The location , Tannum Sands main beach.     As much as photographers love full shade and we needed it on the day as it was stinking hot. We also wanted harsh light and shadows.  The goal was to create variety for Stephanie’s portfolio as well as mine. Super excited that Stephanie and I will be working together this year on quite a few concepts, and I think we are off to a great start.

Colour toning is a little bit different for me. I went for more of a late 60’s 70’s orange tone.   I did a test print and absolutely love it.  Check that out on my Instagram feed.

No changing out the lens on the day either it was the 135m iso ranged from 50 up to 320 .F2 mainly and shutter speed varied between 250 and 400.

Why did I not change up the lens?  I was once told before you move on to new equipment make sure you know and fully understand what you have. I don’t often get to use the 135mm due to studio work so taking it outside and putting me through my paces as it is a prime you have to move your feet was something I really wanted to do.  Finding the sweet spot on the lens always puts a smile on my face.

I’m certainly looking forward to working with you. It is coming into the best time of the year in CQ for these shoots so make a booking to secure your place.





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