Colour Grading using the Retouching Toolkit Luminosity Panel.

Lately, I have been experimenting with different colour grading techniques.  Some are very basic just using selective colour and curves.  For this series I decided to add colour to the highlights, shadows and midtone’s to do this I used the Retouching Tool Kit Luminosity Panel.  You can certainly do this without the panel. 

The second step I found completely by accident with this panel. I must admit I have not watched all of their videos.  On the Working Mask tab under zones I clicked Highlights a group with Layers appeared.

Gradient Map

The gradient map layer I changed to a gradient map that I already had made and changed a few of the colour points to match the overall look I was going for.  I can explain this process in another post.

Luminosity Levels

A simple levels adjustment.

Luminosity Curve

Now this curve I had set to Quadratic, now I need to look further into this.  So I just changed the curved to a s curve.

Colour Luminosity

Which appears to be a black and white adjustment layer where I made some minor changes.  I already do this in colour grading and you will see that in the video.  Will I use this process again.  That is a definite yes and will keep refining the process as I go.

Colour Grading Nina K Photography

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