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Such a classic look.

Finally putting Amy’s wonderful photos up on the blog.    Our mood board consisted of v neck lines and a shoot that Iggy Azelea had recently done at the time.  Love a v neck line as it can elongate, lengthen and slim, perfect for photos.

We aimed for bold lips so less eye makeup than normal.    Amy was perfect for the look especially the Spicy Orange lip.  It’s such a shame that Amy left Gladstone after the shoot, we certainly had planned a few for looks.

The lighting set up for the shoot. A large oct on a Elinchrom head.  With a reflector on the side as well as a beauty dish for  a few.    I really wanted a soft look for some so f2.2 on some of the photos for sure, iso 100, shutter speed 160.

The grey texture backdrop was an absolute failure and now currently lives in the shed.  It is certainly a tricky trying to fit a large foam core board into a car, and this day was extremely windy and for some unknown reason I took it back out of the car after the nice guys at the shop helped me squeeze it in.  And well it snapped, so with some tape I put it back together again and thought I would attempt my first wallpaper backdrop.  The glue didn’t stick after, the wallpaper kept falling off. I was determined to use it for the shoot as we had planned so I tapped as much as I could and it lasted for the shoot. Best outcome after a run of errors.



Hair and makeup by Alarna Taylor



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