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I call it “Finding your song”

Each and every person I have photographed there is a moment I see when they have “found their song”.  It can be a laugh , a smile, a strong “I’m not taking any shit from anyone anymore look”  or “I feel amazing take notice”.

For me this is a very powerful moment. To see that change over from nerves , doubts to trust confidence and a belief.  Existing in photos is not too bad.  We photographers hear  and talk a lot about women not existing in photos. From my own personal  experience getting men to have portraits taken takes it to another level. In my  humble opinion.  Back to finding your song and why this blog post.

Through out last year I was constantly asked where do you get your “models” from? Majority of the people that have had shoots with me are Gladstone locals born and bred.  Must be something in the water.  98% of the people you see in my portfolio have never had a photo shoot before let alone one in studio with studio lights and working with makeup artists.

I just thought it was important to highlight this.  My portfolio is not full of professional models. They do not know how to pose, know how to stand in front of the camera with studio lights or where to place their hands. Some have gone on to do other shoots after.   But my point is when I hear I’m not photogenic it is my job to create a space where you are able to over come the nerves, I teach you how to pose, how to stand and I add why in there as well. That is my job to show you how to do this. To create that environment of trust so I can capture you, to take that image that could be on the front of any magazine or in fact should be printed large and framed in your house.




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