Not my every day approach to beauty editing.

98% of the time my first step to editing any image is to use the healing and clone stamp tool on a blank layer. But for this image I thought I would try a different approach and that approach is using frequency separation using Median. Why, because I had a few textural issues that needed adjusting. The foundation used just did not work, it was extremely blotchy. ( That is why you do test shoots.)

The return to normal programing... Dodge and Burning.

Back to normal editing with dodge and burning.  But I would like to share a little insight into hair editing .   I think it’s like picking your battles with anything that is going to take time.  Will the results be worth the amount of time spent on editing the hair.  DID I SAY IT WAS TIME CONSUMING. 

5 tips for editing hair.

1. Work on a blank layer.

2. Use the spot healing brush tool as well as the clone stamp tool.

3. Zoom in as much as possible.

4. Rotate the canvas to follow the direction of the hair.

5. Practice practice and more practice in making good selections.

Want to try the action I used in the video above to remove flyaway hair?

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