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Beautiful Bec


The plan for Bec’s shoot.

  Natural beauty makeup that can be used for brides, photo shoots or every day wear.  Then add more colour to the lips as the day went on. 

Tip: In shoots always start out with the lightest nude lip first as removing lipstick will remove the makeup add will add more time to the shoot. 

Hair styles started with pulled back and slick to show the makeup to a knot at the back and then some soft waves  for the leather jacket look.

Lighting was a classic beauty set up Beauty dish front on to Bec about 1.2metres away.  White foam core reflectors on either side and one underneath for the first look. I used three lights at one stage beauty dish at the front , softlighter on the side  45 degrees and an grid light for the background.










  For beauty shoots the editing process I call it the extended version of my normal process. 

First the exif details for the slider photo.



Focal Length 100mm

EF100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM

My f stop for these shots usually sits at f9 -f11. So  every detail of the face is shown.  We tend not to see these details in a person’s face if we were talking to them. My retouching philosophy is to still maintain skin texture, however take away the distracting spots and dots, clean up stray hairs. Fix the brows as they are extremely important . And then add the final style to the  photo.  

The first slider includes the first image straight from the camera and the result from frequency separation removal of blemishes and dodge and burn for some fine lines.

After that some brow sculpturing,(which I can see now I could have done a bit more)  removing the red from Bec’s eyes.  Bec gorgeous eyes become quite sensitive to the light . 

Some skin tone grading and the final image.

All up nearly 2 hours work with some distractions on the way such as taking the screen shots to put the sliders together.

[twenty20 img1=”4242″ img2=”4244″ offset=”0.5″]


[twenty20 img1=”4245″ img2=”4258″ offset=”0.5″]


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