Minimizing skin texture.

 A Facebook message inspired this editing video.  The message was from a photographer friend,  in our discussions in the past I might have done a few tsk tsk when she told me about her editing workflow. So when I read she was  watching retouching videos on YouTube, I felt I had a slight victory.    The YouTube video  mentioned is one I have watched  and  I certainly took away a fair bit of knowledge from.  In fact I even created an action which is apart of my cleaning tools I use in editing.  And a big pat on friends back for changing her ways. However ……..

I will say this over and over again one method may work beautifully for one image but for others you need to find alternative  techniques that will achieve a good clean result.  Dodge and burn will always rule.

I’m finally getting back to editing my images . So today I thought I would put together a quick editing video.

With this image, the combination of my lighting and makeup application has made the subjects skin look very textured.  In other images from this shoot where I used natural light minimal retouching was needed.  And using the clone stamp tool or healing brush tool on a new blank layer was enough for a clean up of skin imperfections. 

When editing  this series of images however I had to use the high frequency layer to remove the highlights on her skin.  By changing the blending modes I’m able to have more control and edit quicker by using this method and still maintain the skin texture without making it look flat. 

The video below is an example of how I work on editing skin which has raised highlights and skin texture.

Apology for audio and my squeaky curtain blowing in the wind.

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