Creating a structured editing workflow.

A little recap on my editing workflow.  It has probably been pretty much the same within the last year. New layer clean up blemishes with the spot healing brush or or the healing brush changing the blend mode to darken or lighten.  Then I introduced help layers such as solar curve or the inverse black and white check layer.  Dodge and burn mainly for skin editing and that was pretty much it.  I  generally don’t use frequency separation. So when I came across frequency separation using median rather than high pass, I decided to see how it would impact on my workflow.  For now,  I use the Median Frequency Separation workflow on the high layer as the cleaning layer for my image. I find it is accurate, no remnants are left behind and I can remove majority of what I need to remove with out creating additional healing layers.  This is only working on the high layer not the low layers. Which I have used if for example the clothes need a bit of an iron.

Then once the general clean has been done, I start with dodge and burning.  Finally it is then time to do some  colour grading. Using a new smart object layer and working in adobe camera raw filter.  If I am working on a series the changes then can be moved on to the other images making it easier to achieve a consistent series of images.  Time will tell but I am sure my workflow will change again in the future.

Photographer: Nina K Photography

Retoucher: Nina K

Makeup Artist: Renee Jeffs

Model: Makayla A

Frequency Separation 2.0

Dodge and Burning

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