Session Information for Clients.


(Q) How far in advance should I make a booking?

I recommend 2 months , as makeup artists especially the ones I use are booked out at least one month in advance.  Also it takes roughly 3 weeks turn around in editing. Products will take longer.

(Q) I don’t know how to pose, I’m not that photogenic.

That is my job, to pose you.  I will gently guide you into the poses.  I will not lie, some poses require a little bit of stretching but that is because I want to get the best photo for you.  I will also show most poses before we start.  And in no time you will be a natural.

(Q) How long does the shoot take?

3 hours to yourself.  One hour being pampered by one of my wonderful hair and makeup artists. The next two hours with me .

(Q) Do I have to bring my own lingerie?

Being comfortable and confident in front of the camera is quite and empowering experience. What you decided to wear, can and does make a big difference. You know that feeling RIGHT! It doesn’t have to be expensive lingerie as long as it feels good on and fits well.  I recommend three outfit changes for a boudoir shoot as well as your favourite party dress.

(Q) I don’t want anyone to see my photos.

I fully understand this and I will respect your privacy.

(Q)  Do you edit the photos?

I certainly do. One thing I pride myself on is using the best techniques in editing to take away the dots and spots that we don’t normally see when someone is looking at you in person.  The camera picks these up and sometimes becomes magnified.  My editing style is to make the photo look like you on a absolutely fabulous day.  And remember how I said about the posing might be a bit of a stretch well I want to make sure I get the best look for you in camera.

(Q) Do you offer payment plans?

Yes and this is something that I recommend to do.