On April 29, 2018

Free Giveaway – Photoshop Eyebrow Brushes

Still a bit of work to do for the new website but I just wanted to stop and giveaway a eyebrow brush set that I created and use to edit eyebrows.

The eyebrow trend is always changing, but what is true, is that changing eyebrow shape and design has a huge impact on the persons face.  For beauty work like this image nicely shaped defined brows are a must.  There are a few options I could of gone with in regards to editing this image.

First I could have left the brows as is.

Secondly I could have asked the makeup artist to define them and draw them in.  I personally do not prefer this option as I like a nice natural brow rather than seeing ink, pencil etc.

Finally I could draw individual hairs in photoshop to fill them in.  Which is what I decided to do.

Before and After

A great habit to get into is to work on a blank layer.

Create a blank layer and name this layer “eyebrow”.

Select the brush and select a sample colour from the existing eyebrow.  Changing the colour for different areas of the brow is a must as well.

As you start adding the hair, change the brush size, hardness, opacity and the angle as you go . Also ensure you have wet edges selected in the brush tip shape panel.  This can be done in the brush settings panel.

The beauty of working on a blank layer is if you need to erase sections you can do this with eraser tool.

If you are finding that you are not getting a similar colour change the blend mode to multiply or darken.  It pay’s to experiment with the blending modes.

Once you have completed drawing in the brows. It is time to add the crucial steps as at this point they can look pretty ordinary.


Select the blank layer.

Filter blur and Gaussian blur.

How much you will add will depend on how in focus the brows are.  I used .2 on this image.

Select the blank  “eyebrow”layer.

Filter, camera raw filter.

Then select grain.

For this image I selected 8 but again it can vary from image to image.

Now it is time to zoom in and see how you went. Again make changes with opacity and blending modes can help.

Less is always more.  Take a step back and walk away and come back.

Free Photoshop brush download.

Photographer / Retoucher Nina K Photography

Model: Makalya

MUA: Renee Jeff’s

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